Andy Gowers (aka Growler) 

A member of Hawthorns 1991 Premiership team, and current board member of the Hawthorn Football Club, Andy has been the mastermind behind pulling a team of guys together to run the NY Marathon in an effort to raise funds for the Laugh to Cure Campaign. Andy is married with 3 children and is Ange’s brother-in-law.

Matt Kirwan-Hamilton (aka Hyphen)

Andy and Matt met earlier in the year on a cycling tour of South Australia.

Hyphen has dodgy knees….however he has as secret weapon (if a cream not approved for human use can be classified a weapon.)  He’s is loading up on the animal cream and it’s working a treat

Kris Court 

Having grown up in Perth, Courty ended up playing a few seasons with the Old Xavs and hence the connection with Growler. After Andy planted merely the seed of the idea of running the marathon in NY, Courty picked up the phone and had secured spots for the 3 of them in 24 hours. They were off and running*

Ben Grodski  

A seasoned NY Marathon competitor having completely the race 4 times, most recently in 2012 having pushed a fellow New Yorker over the 42km course in her wheelchair. Ben’s Ice Bucket Challenge where he accepted Alastair Clarksons Ice Bucket Challenge remains one of our favourites.

Matt Unsworth  

Matt got to know Ange & Pat while they lived in London together. Matt has been a huge supporter of our Laugh to Cure MND Campaign since day one. Some have suggested Matts ‘conditioning’ isn’t where it should be to be able to make the 42kms. #redragtoabull

Sam Woolcock  

Sam is Angie’s brother and has taken to long distance running with the same fervour as he did winding up his sister on the tennis court in their early years. Only getting his entry confirmation a few weeks out from the Marathon, the fact that Sam is in good enough shape to run 42km’s illustrates he is no stranger to road running. Sam and his wife Fiona have both been big supporters of the our Laugh to Cure MND fundraising efforts in the past.